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At Inspire Me we have a solid foundation of training programmes that are tailored to suit all business and their people.

Our unique phased methodology has provided our clients with measurable return on investment, and for their people... practical personal development that sticks. Courses include: Management, Leadership, Sales, Presentation skills, Team Development and a raft or Personal Effectiveness Programmes.


From executive 1-2-1 coaching, right through to building confidence in junior team members, Inspire Me have the knowledge and expertises to develop individual performance. Often the causes for adverse behaviour in the workplace come from deeply rooted personal experiences, our professional coaching sessions get to the heart of the matter and genuinely bring about positive change which is rewarding and often cathartic.


In todays modern business environment, it is proven that 'culture' has a huge impact on individual and business performance.  Our approach to supporting leaders to build and promote cultural change within their organisation has proven long term positive affects. 

Ask yourself... "What do you want from your people"... Then ask yourself... "What do you want for your people". Is your culture right to fulfill both?



Inspire me understands how to modify behaviour in people and deliver permanent changes in behavioural skills. This is achieved through our phased programme methodology and working closely with the client at all levels. By understanding why people change behaviour, Inspire me make sure that all the essential elements which promote change are in place. This results in the sponsor and the delegates gaining a positive return from the investment.  

The long-term success of the programme is of primary importance to Inspire me. Our goal is to build a strong, productive business relationship with our clients, which is founded on skills that are permanently adopted and implemented. We sell our services on the basis of the very real results that we deliver to our clients.


As a people development business partner, we enjoy forming relationships with the various stakeholders who are involved in the delegates learning cycle. None more important than the line-manager of the delegates attending the training. Throughout the "Phased Training Process" we will feedback the learning commitments and personal objectives from the delegates to the line-manager and whoever else you would like to involve. By doing this the line-manager is able to see the progress made throughout the training programme (a great opportunity to praise) and feed the objectives into the delegates personal development plan and appraisal conversation.

We also like to work with the line-manager before the training so the they are able to understand the programme content and the desired outcomes. This enables the manager to "Catch their people doing things right" which enhances motivation for both parties and embeds behavioural change for the future. If required we are also available to periodically work with both the line manager and delegates programme completion to refresh the skills learnt and continue the development. 



Peter has been hugely influential in turning our business into a high performing team. Peter offers a refreshingly honest approach to identifying capability gaps and then providing a bespoke coaching style to each area requiring improvement. He has changed the behaviors and fortunes of company by improving leadership and promoting an energetic sales culture and for that I am very grateful.

Managing Ditrector, Fortice

Jeremy was recommanded as we needed to train customer care type of profiles into more sales oriented role, with a lot of active cold calling, which the team had never experienced. Jeremy with two training sessions turned the team into much more positive attitude towards the job, providing real tips on how to turn a call into a positive next call, and how to set follow up actions. Over all results at this stage are a excellent, and I highly recommend Jeremy's know how to any manager that has various profiles and nationality in a team to bring together to reach one goal.

Manager Inside Sales, Honeywell 

Working with Peter over the last six months has allowed me to become a more confident leader in the workplace. 
His sessions are both engaging and thought provoking. The excercises and tools he suggests I use in my professional and personal life are challenging but without doubt are producing beneficial results to me becoming a better leader.

Director, Overbury Plc

Phil has been working with us for over 12 months now. He runs our Leadership Advancement Programme and our Rising Star Programme. His training is exceptional, insightful and engaging, it’s all ‘real life’ so generates genuine ROI. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough. We will be running phase 2 of both of programmes. In addition to this Phil provides 121 coaching sessions with our key managers both in the UK and Overseas; these candid, safe sessions are invaluable for our management team. 

Director, Filtermist

Peter has been supporting me with Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for over two years and I would thoroughly recommend him. His straight forward approach gets quickly to the heart of those areas where work would be most beneficial and he has a range of tools and approaches that I regularly apply to the development of my team, the business, and myself. Peter is always willing to advise and guide on difficult situations with confidentiality is assured.

Commercial Director, MACE

I’ve just finished a brilliant training course on future leadershipdelivered by Phil. Great course content, delivered in an engaging and enjoyable way by an individual well versed and clearly experienced in what he teaches. Thanks again, Phil!

Application Manager, Absent Group AB


Meet Jeremy, Peter and Phil...

3 likeminded individuals, all with a ferocious passion for supporting  people and businesses towards their full potential.

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124 City Road, London EC1V 2NX


London & Santander, Spain. Tel: +44 (0)7976 369376


Ketton, Rutland. Tel: +44 (0)7770 377298


Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Tel: +44 (0)7387 140495

With offices throughout the UK and Europe we are available to work worldwide.

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Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch as soon as one of our Training Directors are free to call you.

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