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We bespoke our proven training programmes to specifically suit your needs


Inspire me has effective leadership programmes designed to encourage the participants to take an in-depth look at themselves, making them more conscious of their behaviours and the impact they have on others as a leader.  It is this aspect which challenges the minds of the delegates and provides the mental stimulation to implement what they have learnt. We investigate the competencies of leadership from a number of different angles and encourage delegates to evaluate themselves. The content of the leadership development programmes is practical and based on real issues which relate directly to the delegates. The delegates are motivated and encouraged by the fact that the skills, which have been discussed in the training environment, can be applied immediately into their daily working routines.

The programmes are phased with one day of training per month. Leadership programmes are between 4 and 7 days in duration and are for up to 10 delegates per cohort.


Our management development programmes focus upon bringing order and consistency to the workplace through organising, planning and motivating colleagues within their current roles. In addition, we go on to develop the delegates' leadership qualities typically centred upon motivating, inspiring and energising teams whilst keeping them moving in the right direction, despite obstacles of constant change. The sessions are highly interactive with the course director working in a facilitation role….aiding and steering the learning. The programmes we run capture all levels of management, from aspiring managers through to established managers that may simply need a refresh and an introduction to new ways of managing in a modern diverse workplace. 

The programmes are phased with one day of training per month. Management programmes are between 2 and 6 days in duration and are for up to 10 delegates per cohort.


At Inspire Me our training directors are accredited sales trainers, all with extensive personal sales management experience, which makes the training so relatable to the delegates because we have been there!  Our sales programmes look at winning, growing and retaining business whilst forming strategic client partnerships.  We cover the psychology of sales alongside the traditional sales training methods, this allows delegates to create true differentiation that will influence others.  We tailor a number of sales and business development courses to suit all levels of experience, competence and confidence. We have programmes for telesales, field sales, account management, new business, and strategic account management.

The programmes are phased with one day of training per month. Sales programmes are between 1 and 6 days in duration and are for up to 10 delegates per cohort.


We believe the ability to effectively present information, inspire others, influence people and simply communicate well, makes us more effective, inclusive and engaging.  Our training programmes use video recording equipment, allowing delegates to see their style and where they may need to improve.  The trainer acts as a facilitator and coach to enhance delegates existing skills whilst developing techniques to build confidence and effectively influence others.  Those attending these programmes are asked to prepare a brief presentation on a subject of their choice prior to the training.  This is critiqued and used to develop the delegates presentation style. The difference in ability and confidence is evident in delegates after just 1 day of training.

The programmes are between 1 and 3 days in duration and are for up to 8 delegates per cohort.


Professional performance led coaching
for ultimate individual results



Whilst behavioural change can be achieved from attending our phased training programmes, we find 1-2-1 coaching and development extremely effective. Often the reasons for under performance, or an unfavourable attitude, are the result of past experiences and personal blind spots.  Our professional coaches are able to get to the root cause of the reasons for such attitudes or behaviours and support the individual to change, develop and enjoy the rewards of doing so.  Professional 1-2-1 coaching is highly cathartic for the individual and is often a game changer for the organisation and its people.

But its not always the negative behaviour we focus on, we coach seriously high performers too!


Not just for the C Suite... Whilst we coach many executives on a monthly basis, we are able to work with any level of employee to support them towards reaching their full potential.


We meet individuals once a month, usually for 2-3 hours.  We meet in an environment where the individual can talk freely and not be interrupted.  The sessions are confidential and it is up to the individual what they share with their employer, either directly or via the coach.


Its not just about the 'values' you print on the wall... its about the behaviours you demonstrate as individuals and as a team


In todays modern business environment, it is proven that positive valued culture has a huge impact on individual and business performance.


At Inspire Me, we have the rewarding pleasure of supporting business leaders and their people in developing a positive culture where all can thrive.  


Sometimes, just the thought of embarking on developing or improving a culture can seem daunting to even the most dynamic business leaders.  

This is where Inspire Me comes in... we will guide and support you through every stage of this advantageous process.  Clients we have worked with will testify to the power of a positive workplace culture and how Inspire me can facilitate it, please ask for more details.

Ask yourself... "What do you want from your people"... Then ask yourself... "What do you want for your people". Is your culture right to fulfill both?

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