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The team at Inspire me have worked with a long and distinguished list of clients. The breadth and depth of experience benefits our clients by allowing best alternative practices to be introduced for discussion and consideration during each session. Based on our wide range of experience in different industries; we are able to taylor our methods to be relevant to the job your people are doing, which makes the training easier to bring to life in the day-to-day job role.

We work both nationally and internationally with clients across these and other sectors:

  • Accountants
  • Animal Health
  • Architects
  • Business Services
  • Call Centres:
  1. Retail/Consumer
  2. Business to Business
  • Catalogue Relations/ Mail Order
  • Computer Resellers
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Construction Managers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Equity Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Fleet Services– Leasing
  • Information Providers
  • Insurance Industry
  • Interior Design
  • IT Help Desks
  • ​Manufacturing
  • Property Advisors:
  1. General Practice Surveyors
  2. Building Surveyors
  3. Project Managers
  4. Quantity Surveyors/ Cost Managers
  5. Rural Surveyors
  • Publishers
  • Retail
  • Shipping:
  1. Shippers / Container Lines
  2. Agents / Forwarders
  • Software Developers
  • Subscription Services
  • Telecoms
  • Television and Production
  • Travel / Holiday / Leisure



"So far I would say that the course has been different to other courses that I have been on, as it is a lot more centred on the people attending, rather than handing out ‘super sales notes’ for us to put into practice".


"As a Sales Manager, I have a passion for Learning & Development. So when I encounter true training Professionals, who set the highest standards and deliver content in a great manner, engaging with salespeople and really making people think - I feel I have to shout about it. Peter Waycot is one of those training Professionals. I have experienced several programmes that Peter has both designed and delivered - and they are an absolute pleasure to be involved with. I feel challenged to better myself even further post session, which shows that I find both Peters content and style inspirational."


"My old management style is now at odds with every piece of advice given on the course! I advise delegates to keep an open-mind, and be prepared to try different techniques in their management style in between the sessions as this is where I REALLY learned my lessons"!


“Jeremy -you will be pleased to learn that my desk is completely devoid of paper; my inbox is about to be emptied and my new inbox system contains files of manageable proportions -topped off with today's to-do list. More importantly, I have delegated a number ‘monkeys’ and intend to continue the trend.”


"I have worked closely with Peter over the last 3 years on a range of projects and throughout that time what has been vital to success has been that he has fully understood my needs as a customer... Once he has gained a full understanding he has then designed & delivered the relevant development programs with a high level of expertise and credibility. Peter has therefore played a significant part in the recent development journey within regional sales".


"It has been incredibly helpful to have had the opportunity to learn how to have a positive attitude and not only put into practice what we have learnt, but also to have to report back on our degree of success I have been pleasantly surprised at how relevant and useful the training has been, thank you Jeremy".


"Peter has supported the development of our Sales teams with massive impact. His passion and enthusiasm is in abundance. The feedback gained from my team as to the impact his training and development has had is superb".

What to find out more about the positive results we have provided for our clients?... No problem... we would be happy to put you in touch with any of our clientsIf in the U.K. or overseas for further testimony.


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​As a training business partner we enjoy forming relationships with the various stakeholders who are involved in the delegates learning cycle.

None more important than the line-manager of the delegates being trained.


Inspire me understands how to modify behaviour in people and deliver permanent changes in behavioural skills.

This is achieved through our unusual training methodology and working closely with the client at all levels.