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If you have never done a presentation before, or if you are just inexperienced, standing up and presenting can be one of the most daunting tasks we encounter in our business lives.

All of our bespoke programmes focus on giving delegates the vital confidence to deliver a compelling, engaging message to internal and external audiences. In addition, for those in a selling environment, we can help delegates structure their sales presentations to create that all-important edge that truly differentiates your offering from the competition.

Significant results have been achieved by delegates having learnt how to deliver a memorable message and inspire action.

Essential Skills When Presenting

These programmes are aimed at individuals who either need to build their confidence or deliver business presentations which are more inspiring. Throughout the day, delegates are introduced to new ideas and techniques to reach these goals.

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Advanced Presentation Skills

These courses are designed for people who have a good grounding in presentations and are comfortable with standing up in front of an audience. From the outset, the persuasive elements of presentations and new techniques to create an impact are identified.

They are often used to fine-tune the delegates' presentation skills using PowerPoint and other media, particularly when pitching for business.

The programmes are based around real presentations that the delegates have either delivered or are about to deliver. Through working and applying the techniques to real case studies, they make their presentations more influential and persuasive.

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​As a training business partner we enjoy forming relationships with the various stakeholders who are involved in the delegates learning cycle.

None more important than the line-manager of the delegates being trained.


Inspire me understands how to modify behaviour in people and deliver permanent changes in behavioural skills.

This is achieved through our unusual training methodology and working closely with the client at all levels.