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Staged Training ​

By adopting a unique staged training methodology, Inspire Me has consistently delivered significant returns on its clients’ training investment. They continue to see results from the training for a considerable time after the programme has been completed. Inspire Me has the ability to be flexible in our work, gives us the opportunity to tailor the structure and the content of the programme to meet the client's specific training requirements.

Why Does Staged Training Work?

Companies often fail to gain a positive return on their training investment, even though the theories and content of the ‘traditional’ style course have sounded excellent in the training room. Delegates return to their office where they are confronted by outstanding work. The addition of their existing daily pressures causes them to revert back to their old habits to deal with the workload….. consequently the content of the training programme is largely forgotten.

By adopting the staged format, we will ensure the delegates practise and experience the key skills discussed in the training room, during the month between the sessions.At the end of each training day delegates are given various assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on their experiences and results.

This report back by the delegates, at the beginning of each training session, is key to the success of the programme. It makes them accountable for doing something and it is this experience, which changes attitudes and hence behaviour. This continuous development methodology combined with a specially designed course has, in our experience, proven to be the best method of bringing about permanent changes in the delegates’ behaviour.

Our Approach to Creating Buy-In ​

Behavioural change can only happen when delegates truly buy-in to the content of training because they can relate to it and want to apply the new skills for themselves - most call this "lightbulb moments". At Inspire Me we use a technique called "STATE-RELATE-RELATE" which does the following:
  1. "STATE" Make a statement about the training content we wish to embed within the delegates (Hear it)
  2. "RELATE" Relate the content to the delegates everyday lives that they can can easily identify with (Picture it) ​
  3. "RELATE" Relate the content back into the workplace so delegates can se how that would work for them (Get it)


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​As a training business partner we enjoy forming relationships with the various stakeholders who are involved in the delegates learning cycle.

None more important than the line-manager of the delegates being trained.


Inspire me understands how to modify behaviour in people and deliver permanent changes in behavioural skills.

This is achieved through our unusual training methodology and working closely with the client at all levels.