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First Line Management

This group of people are likely to be your future leaders. Our first line management skills programmes give this group an early opportunity to develop some of the management competencies that will allow them to flourish in their new people management role. The duties of the team leader usually consist of leading and directing the day to day work of their team, setting clear goals and guidelines on when the tasks should be done and to what standard. Commonly, team leaders and supervisors will be experts in the work of the other staff as well as their own

Furthermore, where your team leader/supervisor has been promoted from within the team, we address the common difficulty of how delegates stay part of the team whilst trying to adopt the new role of leading them.

​These courses are designed to cover key team management skills which make the delegate more assertive with increased confidence in handling difficult situations such as delegating tasks, communicating unpopular decisions and providing negative feedback, which as part of the management team, they are now expected to tackle. This group of people may not be expected to comply with all the management competencies e.g. develop and deliver a business strategy. With this in mind, the course emphasises the practical skills a supervisor needs to ensure that their team completes delegated tasks effectively and in line with company objectives.

The sessions are highly interactive with the course director working in a facilitation role….aiding and steering the learning. The content of the first line management development programmes are practical and based on real, pertinent team member issues which relate directly to the delegates. The delegates are motivated and encouraged by the fact that the skills, which have been discussed in the training environment, can be applied into their daily working routines.

Who Are The Programmes Designed For?

These programmes are aimed at Supervisors, Team Leaders and First Line Managers who wish to develop an effective style of management.

What Elements Are Covered?

  • The key responsibilities and roles of a manager/team leader

How to work with ‘concrete’/specific goals and objectives:

  • Identifying why they are important to the manager

· Principles of communication:

  • Attentive listening skills
  • Understanding the use of quality sessions

Building ‘respect’ from colleagues
Delegation, an act of empowerment:

  • Identifying how to delegate with motivation

Developing colleagues into experts:

  • How to adapt our leadership style according to each colleague’s level of competence and commitment

Influencing upwards:

  • The importance of needing to influence upwards

Tackling poor performance, attitude and behavioural issues:

  • How to conduct a reprimand session, in a way that avoids a ‘conflict’ of opinions

Providing feedback on areas of improvement leading to increased motivation:

  • How to monitor and coach effectively

Communicating unpopular decisions effectively
How to handle difficult staff situations and confrontation

  • Identifying ‘difficult’ situations which may arise, from a management perspective

Time management principles:

  • Investigating personal working environments
  • Task evaluation and prioritising
  • Identifying the classic time stealers?


How Long Do The Programmes Last?

Typically between 2 to 5 days depending on the scope of your requirement.

What Do The Delegates Have To Do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective(s) for attending the course.
In line with our 'staged methodology', at the end of each training day delegates are given assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on the positive experiences and results from having put the learning into practice in their live environment.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our senior leadership and motivation programmes.



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