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Essential Skills When Presenting

What Are The Programmes All About?

These courses commence with a videoed presentation from all the delegates. After the presentation techniques have been discussed, the video is reviewed and critiqued by the delegates.

New skills and ideas are then discussed and areas where they improve their original presentation are identified. Delegates then incorporate these points into a revised presentation.

Who Are They Designed For?

They are aimed at any individual whether they are just beginning to make presentations, or have delivered many before and need to build their confidence.

What Are The Course Objectives?

  • An improved ability to produce and deliver more memorable presentations
  • The ability to gain and maintain the audience’s attention throughout
  • A means to create an edge, with improved influence
  • Personal improvement which is both concrete and measurable
  • Greater confidence in making presentations

What Is Our Approach?

These programmes encourage the participants to take an in-depth look at themselves, making them more conscious of their own behaviours and the impact they create on their audience. It is this aspect which challenges the minds of the delegates and provides the mental stimulation to implement what they have learnt. They build self-awareness within the individual through the videoing of the presentations and playback.

The sessions are highly interactive, with the course director working in a facilitation role… aiding and steering the learning.

What Are The Key Elements?

What do we expect to achieve from a presentation?
Creating impact in a presentation:

  • Content versus form
  • Investigating the ‘style’ in making presentations
  • Impact via: our words, our voice, our body language

The importance of knowing our audience
Making our presentation different from the rest

  • Creating the edge that differentiates you from the competition

A videoed presentation by each delegate

  • Video playback and analysis by course leader

The importance of preparation in feeling confident

  • The use of script cards to structure a presentation... how to prepare/use them professionally

How to create attention and generate action
Effective use of various presentation equipment:

  • Flipcharts and wipe boards
  • From laptop to projector dependent upon audience size the implication of PowerPoint

How to maintain your audience's attention

  • Handling audience questions, interruptions and comments

Self-help in putting the 'pre-prepared' presentation for a re-run

  • Second videoed presentation by each delegate
  • Video playback and analysis


What Will The Delegates Have To Do?

Prior to the programme, delegates are asked to consider their personal objective in attending the course.
They are also asked to prepare a short presentation on a subject of their choice and of interest to others.

How Long Do The Courses Last?

These courses are typically one to two days in length.​​


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