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Advanced Presentation Skills

What Are The Programmes All About?

On the first day the delegates deliver a videoed presentation. After the presentation techniques have been fully discussed, the recorded presentations are reviewed, with the delegates being encouraged to critique themselves and identify the areas where they need to improve. They are then given time to alter their original presentations, work with the course director, and deliver them again.

The second day focuses on the skills that influence the audience and create the desired response at the end of the presentation. This involves looking at the type of people to whom they are presenting…..which may well impact the format of the presentation.

Additional topics include: handling difficult situations both during the presentation and in the question and answer session.

There are further presentations, which again are videoed and reviewed with the course leader providing input on areas of improvement.

Who Are They Designed For?

These courses are aimed at people who have a good grounding already, are comfortable with standing up in front of an audience and now wish to deliver more memorable presentations.

What Are The Course Objectives?

  • A means to ‘create an edge’ with improved influence
  • Greater ability to transmit a message effectively and to inspire action from others
  • Improved presentation success in difficult situations
  • Increased confidence and control in the question and answer sessions

​What Is Our Approach?

These programmes are very interactive with the delegates being required to deliver three presentations during the programme. They build self-awareness within the individual, through the videoing of presentations and playback each day.

What Are The Key Elements?

What do we expect to achieve from a presentation?
A videoed presentation by each delegate
Creating impact in a presentation:

  • Content versus form Impact via: our words, our voice, our body language

The importance of knowing our audience and what is required
How to create attention and generate action
How to maintain your audience's attention
Inspiring the audience to take action
Video playback and self analysis/critique
Handling audience questions and interruptions
Confidence in the question and answer session
Understanding our audience and how to influence them through our presentation style
Delivering a second presentation using the skills discussed

  • This presentation will be punctuated with interruptions and questions

Video-recording playback and analysis
Review of areas for personal development


What Will The Delegates Have To Do?

Prior to each course the delegates are asked to consider their personal objectives in attending. Before day one they prepare a short presentation which is on a subject of their choice and of interest to others.

Before day two they prepare a second presentation which is normally business related.

How Long Do The Courses Last?

These courses are typically two days in length.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Advanced Skills When Presenting programmes.



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