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Negotiation Skills

What Are The Programmes All About?

The courses are designed to improve the delegate's ability to plan their negotiations successfully and to clarify the objective behind a negotiation. Bespoke negotiation exercises are introduced to provide context and ‘real’ outputs.

Who Are The Programmes Designed For?

All levels of staff who are involved in negotiations with either internal or external clients and feel that they do not always strike the best deal.

What are the Course Objectives?

  • To develop the delegate’s self-control in difficult negotiations
  • Improve the delegates' ability to plan their negotiations successfully
  • Greater ability to influence others in a positive manner
  • Improved ability to negotiate and make offers in a planned manner
  • Understand techniques for handling stalemate situations
  • Greater ability to 'negotiate' their influence with

What Elements Are Covered?

When a course is designed it is likely that some or all of the following subjects form the core of the programme, with additional topics being added to ensure fulfilment of the training requirements.

Investigate the meaning of negotiation:

  • The process of negotiation and its 4 phases

Roleplay scenario in pairs, to uncover:

  • The 4 key tactics of negotiation
  • The 5 principles of negotiation

Preparation for negotiation ...the key to success:

  • Preparation of a unique offer to each contact
  • Looking at strengths, limitations and variables (creativity)

What are the qualities of good negotiators?

  • The need for win/win
  • Understanding our own behaviour

How important is a positive attitude in gaining success?

  • Understanding each parties’ strengths and limitations
  • Recognising the importance of the time factor
  • Understanding and assessing the balance of power

Improving the methods of communication in negotiation:

  • Use of the ‘acknowledgement' and attentive listening skills

Handling the negotiation, even in difficult circumstances:

  • How to use the variables in countering excessive demands (the obtain-offer technique)

Inciting the other party to take action
Understanding the importance of keeping the whole deal in mind
The 10-point summary of the rules of negotiation
Putting what we have learnt into practice via:

  • Customised scenario (in pairs)


How Long Do The Programmes Last?

These courses are typically one day in length.

What Do The Delegates Have To Do?

Prior to the courses we ask the delegates to consider their personal objective for attending the programme. Delegates will be asked to come armed with some examples of recent or current negotiations for discussion and live work.

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