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Appraisal Skills

What Are The Programmes All About?

Research suggests that many employees regard annual appraisals as a waste of time.

Could this be true of your organisation?

The appraisal process is equally viewed by some managers as an odious, administrative overhead which has a low priority.
Could this be true of your organisation?

At Inspire me, we believe that appraisals and giving strong feedback is a key function and an excellent opportunity to motivate staff. This course looks at how to utilise feedback and the appraisal process to their best affect, by examining the ‘style’ in which appraisals and performance review meetings are conducted and by making delegates more aware of the key principles.

The programme covers what is involved in delivering positive feedback with realpositive impact - not just in the annual performance appraisal review, but on a continuous, year-round basis that delivers genuine and lasting motivation. Additionally, we teach delegates how to tackle those tricky 'subjective negative' issues which need to be improved, but which the team member themselves either is not aware of or in agreement with.

Inspire me has techniques which often transcend an organisations own appraisal process and can work very much in partnership with the system you may have in place. Overall, delegates will learn how to set clear and concise objectives and will develop skills in dealing with appraisal situations both with empathy and assertiveness. Who Are The Programmes Designed For? These programmes are aimed at all levels of Management with the responsibility for delivering daily and/or formal annual feedback on their team's performance.

What Elements Are Covered?

The key responsibilities and roles of a manager in the appraisal process
What is the object of an appraisal:

  • The use of praise and how to make praise effective

Preparation for an appraisal

  • What must we consider when preparing
  • Who else should prepare?

How to work with ‘concrete’/specific goals and objectives:

  • Identifying why they are important to the manager

Communication techniques:

  • In-depth listening and questioning skills (review and develop)
  • Use of empathy and acknowledgement

Recognition of our own and others ‘filters’
Adopting the appraisal style to our own appraisal system

  • Discussion on implementation

Discussion of second appraisal session
Group work of carrying out appraisals

  • (re-runs bases on the input of the program)

Addressing the subjective issues... Without entering into a debate

  • Communicating ‘subjective/ negative’ issues

‘Nipping behavioural issues in the bud’

  • The importance of needing to influence upwards

How Long Do The Programmes Last?

Typically between 1 to 2 days depending on the scope of your requirement.

What Do The Delegates Have To Do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective(s) for attending the course.

In line with our 'staged methodology', at the end of each training day delegates are given assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on the positive experiences and results from having put the learning into practice in their live environment.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our senior leadership and motivation programmes.


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​As a training business partner we enjoy forming relationships with the various stakeholders who are involved in the delegates learning cycle.

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Inspire me understands how to modify behaviour in people and deliver permanent changes in behavioural skills.

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